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I feel in my body that my liberation is bound up with yours

Worldview Acknowledgement 

I am a trans/non-binary, black/biracial, human being/ earthling who was born into the collective consciousness as it existed in 1982. I was raised in Oakland, California on the West Coast of the United States of America. I was raised by colonized humans and I was instructed by my ancestors to reclaim my indigeneity, with humility and accountability. I have had several invisible disabilities. I speak English as a first language. I have lived in a fat body for much of my life. I have never lived outside of the United States of America. I have sensitivities and ways of perceiving and processing life that strengthen and embolden me, though they are not sanctioned by oppression. I hold no degrees and very few certifications. My success and reputation come from two decades of rigorous study, application, and experimentation in the real world with real people and real consequences. I acknowledge that my worldview is limited to the times, places, and body I inhabit. Therefore, I will only ever see Part Of The Whole. I welcome your Part Of The Whole into my worldview and I submit this website and these acknowledgments as my Piece of The Whole.

Land Acknowledgement

I live and work on the unceded territory of the Confederated Villages of the Lisjan Nation, known by its settler colonial name, Oakland, CA. It is a gift to have the opportunity to pay my shuumi land tax and move toward right-relationship with this land and its defenders. I also honor this land as the ancestral homeland of the giant sequoia tree, the California ground squirrel, and the California scrub jay. I will work toward harmonious and reciprocal relationships with all the life on this land. 

Acknowledgment for Asian Lives

I acknowledge that Asian lives are essential to the flourishing of humanity, and I reject Asian hate in all its forms. I embrace people of Asian descent as my beloved family and neighbors and stand with them in solidarity, never allowing us to be divided and conquered by the model minority myth. 

Acknowledgment for Black Lives

I acknowledge that black lives are essential to the flourishing of humanity and I reject anti-blackness in all its forms. I embrace the transformative power of blackness in all its forms. Ffrom the void of outer space that holds all creation, to the power of the little black dress, to the ability of black folks to inhale racism, transform it into raw power, and exhale beauty. From every popular dance craze in the US since the end of slavery, to global music phenomenons jazz, hip hop, rap, rock and roll, and pop music. 

Acknowledgment for All Levels of Ability and Sensitivity 

I acknowledge that a diversity of human sensitivity and ability is essential to the flourishing of humanity, and I reject “normality” as a goal and the worldview that homogeneity is a positive attribute. I embrace the diversity of sensitivities, skills, abilities, and ways of perceiving and processing that contribute to the flourishing of life on Earth and the resilience of humanity, born of diversity. 

Acknowledgment for Young People

I acknowledge that young people are essential to the flourishing of humanity, and I reject adultism in all its forms. I honor young people's wisdom, enthusiasm, imagination, and presence in the moment as a gift to the community. I embrace the wisdom of Childhood because it is the state of being closest to the void of creation,  which brings newness, refreshing, and evolution in the form of play, laughter, and a rejection of oppression's seriousness, spite, and sourness. 

Acknowledgment for Fat and Fat People

I acknowledge that fat is essential to the flourishing of humanity and that humans without fat cannot survive. I reject all permutations of anti-blackness, including fat phobia. I honor fat people as lovable, beautiful, capable, and profound demonstrations of the power of abundance in an oppressive world that worships scarcity. I embrace fat people's essential contributions to the world of liberation. 

Acknowledgment for Intelligence

I acknowledged that intelligence is gifted to all living beings and that institutionally sanctioned, or “formal,” education is not an indication of intelligence or ability. I reject all permutations of classism, including the paper ceiling. I honor the wisdom and intelligence inherent in each person and savor the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of each living being. 

Acknowledgment for Elders

I acknowledge that Elderhood is essential for the flourishing of humanity and Elder Wisdom is essential as it holds wisdom from the view of life closest to the void space of dying and rebirth. I honor the Elderhood as a created dimension of being only embraced by the bold who claim reality, truth, and death, and in doing so become everlasting. I acknowledge those who become Elders, not simply Olders, for their partnership with Aliveness and service to us all. May we honor your wisdom with our own. 

Acknowledgment for Indigenous Lives

I acknowledge indigeneity as humanity's natural state and indigenous people as the truest form of humanity. I honor the indigenous wisdom-keepers and knowledge holders who refused to give up their indigeneity and kept the pathway to this essential wisdom clear for colonized folx to find their way home. I acknowledge the power, tenderness, beauty and mundanity of indigenous people, who hold the non-dual nature of life in our universe.   

Acknowledgment for Poor and Working-Class People

I acknowledge Aliveness as the most powerful force in this universe and I honor work as the sacred expression of human aliveness. Therefore,  I acknowledge working class people as the engines that drive life on our planet and the holders of a power so great, it had to be hidden from them in order to control them. I praise work and working class people as the truest heroes of innovation, creation, and human excellence, and the now an future recipients of justice that flows down like water. I honor work as noble, intelligent, skilled, and essential. 

Acknowledgment for Fluidity and Queer+ and Trans People

I acknowledge fluidity, transformation, and love as essential for the flourishing of humanity and I reject homophobia and transphobia in all its forms. I honor queer people and people who do not identify with the gender binary or with heternormativity (however they refer to themselves) as the spinal fluid of life; the rich, connective fluid of rebirth, love, and evolution that holds communities together. I acknowledge that without Queer+ and trans folx humanity loses itself and devolves into self-hatred and confusion. I savor multidimensionality, evolution, fluidity, and love in all its forms. 

Acknowledgment for Madness and Insane People

I acknowledge that embracing multidimensionality is essential for the flourishing of humanity and reject sanism in all its forms. I embrace humanity's profound and contradicting authenticity as matter and energy, earth and air, water and fire, and accept that there are levels and layers of reality. I embrace humanity's ability to exist multidimensional, without trying, and honor that embracing our contradictory authenticity is the key to true harmony, which is not neat or tidy. I honor the contributions of visionaries, mad geniuses, and all those who dare to dream from other realms and gift us their wisdom/madness. 

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