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I feel in my body that my liberation is bound up with yours

Worldview Acknowledgement 

This website was last updated in 2023 by Leanne, a trans/non-binary, black/biracial, human being/earthling who was raised in the United States of America. I was born in Oakland, California, USA in 1982 and raised by colonized humans. I was a colonized human myself until my African and First Nation ancestors instructed me to reclaim my indigeneity. I have had several invisible disabilities. I speak English as a first language and have a social security number from the United States of America. I have lived in a fat body much of my life and have traveled but never lived outside of the United States of America. I knowledge that my worldview is limited to the times, places, and body I inhabit. Therefore, no story I tell can ever be The Whole Story.

I submit this website and these acknowledgments as a Piece of The Whole. 

Land Acknowledgement

I live and work on the unceded territory of the Confederated Villages of the Lisjan Nation, known by its settler colonial name, Oakland, CA. It is a gift to have the opportunity to pay my shumi land tax and move toward right-relationship with this land and its defenders. I also honor this land as the ancestral homeland of the giant sequoia tree, the California ground squirrel, and the California scrub jay. I will work toward harmonious and reciprocal relationships with all the life on this land. 

Acknowledgment for Asian lives

I acknowledge that Asian lives are essential to the flourishing of humanity, and I reject Asian hate in all its forms. I embrace people of Asian descent as my beloved family and neighbors and stand with them in solidarity, never allowing us to be divided and conquered by the model minority myth. 

Acknowledgment for Black lives

I acknowledge that black lives are essential to the flourishing of humanity and I reject anti-blackness in all its forms. I embrace the transformative power of blackness from the void of outer space that holds all creation, to the power of the little black dress, to the ability of black folks to inhale racism in the void of being, transform it into raw power, and exhale beauty in the form of almost every popular dance craze in the US since the end of slavery to numerous global music phenomenons from jazz to rap.  

Acknowledgment for all levels of ability and sensitivity 

I acknowledge that a diversity of human sensitivity and ability is essential to the flourishing of humanity, and I reject “normality” as a goal and the worldview that homogeneity is a positive attribute. I embrace the diversity of sensitivities, skills, and abilities that contribute to the flourishing of life on Earth and the resilience of humanity, born of diversity. 

Acknowledgment for young people

I acknowledge that young people are essential to the flourishing of humanity, and I reject adultism in all its forms. I honor that young people's wisdom, enthusiasm, imagination, and presence in the moment / in their bodies is a gift to the community. I  embrace the power and wisdom of young people and their role in the community. 

Acknowledgment for fat

I acknowledge that fat is essential to the flourishing of humanity, and that humans without fat cannot survive. I reject all permutations of anti-blackness, including fat phobia. I honor fat people as lovable, beautiful, capable, and profound demonstrations of the power of abundance. 

Acknowledgment for intelligence

I acknowledged that institutionally sanctioned, or “formal” education is not an indication of intelligence or ability. I reject all permutations of classism, including the paper ceiling. I honor the wisdom and intelligence inherent in each person and savor the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of each person's lived experience. 

Acknowledgment for elders

being birthed...

Acknowledgment for Indigenous lives

being birthed...

Acknowledgment for poor and working-class people

being birthed...

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