Equity Consulting

Thought partnership with an expert.


Enacting change that benefits your employees and the bottom line takes time and a thorough plan. Getting expert support saves time and money by avoiding failed attempts or unanticipated roadblocks.


About the Process

Consulting allows you and your team to work with an expert to address systemic challenges and prevent future issues. We work with your leadership team, equity committee and/or human resources team to conceptualize a solution before establishing the building blocks and practical plan to make it a reality.

About The Approach

We meet with your team to create a plan, a strategy and provide support. Without a plan we can easily get lost or sidetracked. Without a strategy to execute the plan we can get overwhelmed. Without support we can become discouraged or exhausted. We will ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

Equity Consulting can help your organization:

  • Infuse equity into your systems, policies and practices

  • Envision and enact meaningful and substantial change 

  • Strategically modify programs 

  • Boost engagement at every level of your organization, including key stakeholders

  • And more!

Let’s take your organization to the next level!