Leadership in today's multicultural workplace requires

a balance of confidence and humility.

Today's consumers and employees increasingly demand leaders who are skilled in anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Today's leaders may not receive Cultural Competence or Diversity trainings in school, let alone individualized Inclusive Leadership Coaching. This forces them to navigate this complex area of leadership alone. However, supervisors and executives can take advantage of expert, individualized, Inclusive Leadership Coaching to amplify their current success, create strong, resilient teams, and find the personal clarity and confidence to lead effectively in the 21st century. 

Individual packages and Leadership team packages are tailored to your organization's needs. Contact me or schedule a consultation to discuss a package. 

Inclusivity Coaching may take the form of:


  • Education about Diversity and Inclusion, related to historical or modern social dynamics

  • Thought Partnership to accomplish business initiatives or improve cross-cultural interactions 

  • Processing Emotions commonly experienced in relation to Diversity and Inclusion, such as embarrassment, confusion, anger, or not feeling seen (to name a few) 

  • Practicing Communication Skills to produce more harmonious and collaborative work relationships and build teamwork    


What are the benefits of Inclusivity Coaching? 


  • Improved performance in matters related to Diversity and Inclusion  

  • Confidence through personalized, relevant education

  • Capacity building by practicing new skills in a low stakes environment 

  • Clarity through powerful, collaborative thought partnership with an expert


What kinds of results do people produce with Inclusivity Coaching? 


  • More resilient teams

  • Resolution to persistent or long-standing workplace tensions

  • Expanded confidence, peace and self-expression in the office

  • Reduced anxiety, insecurity, and frustration

  • Awareness of what to say or not say, and why

  • Increased compassion for yourself and others

Contact me or schedule a consultation to discuss a package.