Inclusive Leadership involves building capacity in four key areas 

Knowledge of DEI

Learn the key distinctions that shape, limit and impair our view of life in cross-cultural interactions. Much like a person with distinctions in music can "distinguish"  the elements at play in a song, someone with distinctions in culture can hear more than simply noise. Being able to see clearly what is happening through the lens of distinction gives us access to an expert's ability to assess, act, and produce results.   


In this 2-day workshop participants will expand their definition of power and will see how they can strategically embody power in different scenarios, making them more impactful allies.

Workshops are participatory explorations of the topic and include a variety of engaging group inquiries and interactive pair or small group activities. 


This one-off or multi-day, practice-focused training uses small group activities and paired practice to build a toolkit of communication and listening skills. Participants will leave excited and equipped to immediately use these skills to build stronger working relationships that expand    productivity.

Conflict Resolution

This training for managers covers the basics to identify and intervene in workplace situations that could lean to team breakdown. And, more importantly, learn easy and effective strategies they can use to create an environment that breeds cooperation,

not conflict.