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All our programs are grounded
in a gentle and impactful framework
to build your capacity to embody Liberation and Aliveness
for greater ease and success in life and leadership. 

Anti-Oppression Education 

Learn an illuminating new approach to dismantling oppression that combines equity frameworks with leading-edge work in the healing of personal and intergenerational trauma. It will blow your mind and free your heart.

Transformational Coaching

Identify and overcome the root causes of your problems by expanding your worldview to see new pathways to success.

Discover new possibilities for yourself and what matters to you that were always present, but remained unseen 

Anti-Oppression Healing

Heal the wounds of your privileged and marginalized identities and feel at home in yourself like never before. Anti-oppression Reiki is a gentle and impactful way to heal imposter syndrome, negative self-talk, shame, and guilt.  

Embodied Practices

Master powerful tools to stay grounded and clear-headed despite the discomfort of equity work and life. These ancient tools are experiencing modern revivals as scientists document their effectiveness and power. 

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customized, relevant, actionable training for your

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