What is an Embodied Contribution?

As leaders, we imagine making an impact.

However, our imagined contribution stagnates in a well-intentioned space

if we don’t skillfully enact change.


When we make an impact in the real world, leveraging our bodies, resources,

and job titles, we move our imagined contributions into

embodied contributions.


At Embodied Contribution, we equip and embolden you to embody your contribution.

Meet Leanne

Leanne believes every leader can play a role in the transformation of their workplace. We can guide our organizations to inspiring new futures and lead staff with confidence and respect. In turn, our workplaces will be stronger as they leverage the wealth of knowledge and perspective of diverse staff to create more resilient teams in turbulent times and more effective programs and products.  


Leanne founded Embodied Contribution as a leading diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consulting firm in order to help professionals create workplaces that foster inclusion, engagement, and a culture of equity that supports the bottom line by supporting people. 

Motivated by her own experiences as a person in a multiracial family, Leanne has accumulated over 300 hours of training in leadership development, communication, conflict resolution, team-building, meditation and DEI.  Leanne used this training to develop her methodology for making joyful, Embodied Contributions. Read more about the process here.  

"Equity work creates beauty in the world.

It’s appropriate for it to be a joyful labor of love."

Leanne grew up in the SF Bay Area before moving to Denver in 2013. Outside of work, you’ll most likely find Leanne practicing joyful sounds on her ukulele, participating with her meditation community, hiking or snowboarding with friends in the Rocky Mountains, or playing with her cat, Liona. She also expresses her creativity in a variety of artistic ways.  


A compassionate expert you can trust and rely on.

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