What is an Embodied Contribution?

As leaders, we imagine making an IMPACT.

However, our imagined contribution stagnates in a well-intentioned space

until we materialize our vision.


When we materialize our vision of an equitable world, we transform our imagined contributions into embodied contributions.


Then, at last, our unique contribution to this world

begins making an IMPACT. 

Meet Leanne

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Support to take new actions and get new results 

Leanne brings wisdom from a decade of anti-oppression workshop facilitation, leadership coaching and conflict resolution to her consulting work. Today, she coaches decision-makers to rethink everything they know about justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) to produce unprecedented results. 

Leanne has provided JEDI focused leadership development for leaders and leadership teams across industries. In 2013 she pioneered a model of Inclusive Leadership coaching to bring the power of executive coaching to JEDI work. For leaders, in particular, she emphasizes the power of a justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion JEDI lens to produce breakthrough results. 

Clients love Leanne’s skillful use of her training as a meditation teacher and a practitioner of embodied healing practices to teach them how to stay grounded, calm, and clear-headed in the midst of challenging emotions and situations. Client’s appreciate her wisdom, warm laughter and compassionate approach to leadership development.

Leanne grew up in the SF Bay Area before moving to Denver in 2013. Outside of work, you’ll most likely find Leanne practicing joyful sounds on her ukulele, participating with her meditation community, hiking or snowboarding with friends in the Rocky Mountains, or playing with her cat, Liona. 


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