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The Practice of Radical Aliveness for liberation and justice



White women with previous antiracism training, education, and action. This is a course to deepen antiracism and anti-oppression capacity by healing the internalized sexism that dampens power and boldness. 


An Introductory Practice Group To


  • LEARN the practice of Radical Aliveness and how it can uproot oppression in yourself, your life, and your communities


  • DEEPEN your capacity to use liberatory practices like justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion with yourself, others, and your work


  • EMBOLDEN your privileged identities to be accomplices in the liberation of others 


  • SOOTHE your marginalized identities so they can be nourished and trusting enough to accept support from privileged identities 


  • HEAL self-intolerance including imposter syndrome, negative self-talk, self-doubt, shame, guilt, and feeling like you are too much or never enough


  • HEAL other-intolerance including judgment, resentment, frustration, fear, and feeling like others are too much or never enough



Because systems of oppression rely on our wounding. Our wounds allow systems of oppression to wield us as weapons against ourselves and each other. Therefore, it is imperative that we heal our own wounds (i.e. our internalized oppression) so we can act powerfully in the face of oppression; wherever it arises. 



I am nature and I am boldly and fiercely alive

Radical Aliveness for White Women

  • An 8-week practice group over Zoom

    Schedule a free consultation if you have not worked with Leanne before

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