It is time to come home to yourself.

Healing is a process of building capacity; the capacity to be effective in life and experience the joy we crave. 

Personal Healing Sessions with Embodied Contribution support your right to let the past move through you quickly. We have the power to carry the pain of the past into our future or to release it and lighten our load. 

Personal Healing Sessions give you the opportunity to heal the beliefs that you are too much or never enough. These painful beliefs show up as imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, fear of setting boundaries, control issues and more. After years of being socialized to believe that we too much and never enough, we feel fear and shame and we stifle ourselves to conform. This collection of beliefs, feelings, and self-policing actions is called internalized oppression. 


This internalized oppression limits our capacity:

  • to act as leaders

  • to act in service of our values and commitments

    • to ourselves

    • others

    • the planet

    • justice, equity, diversity and inclusion


Worse still, internalized oppression stifles our experience of being alive. 

Personal healing sessions are a gentle and relaxing way to release these painful thoughts and feelings and inspire the confidence to act with more authenticity, joy, aliveness, and power. 

Systems of oppression rely on our wounding.


For those who desire to fight systems of oppression, remember, systems of oppression rely on our wounding.

Our wounds allow systems of oppression to wield us as weapons against ourselves and each other.

Therefore, it is imperative that we heal our own wounds (our internalized oppression) so we can act powerfully in the face of oppression; wherever it arises. 

If our liberation is bound up together, we must each heal ourselves for others to be free. 

for personal healing

Did you know that

beliefs and habits like 

  • workaholism

  • imposter syndrome

  • self-sabotage

  • fear of setting boundaries

  • control issues

live in your subconscious mind, not your conscious mind?​

This means you cannot think your way out of them

Hypnotherapy is a gentle, relaxing way to heal the root cause of painful, repetitive thoughts and limiting behaviors. 

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be 90% more effective than talk therapy to support behavior change. 

Hypnotherapy can be thought of as guided mediation. The client always has the power to follow along or not. 

There are often surprising connections between current challenges and subconscious limiting beliefs that are easily found and healed with hypnotherapy. But they are hidden from our conscious mind.  


As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal someone else  --Maya Angelou--

Reiki is a relaxing and gentle way to heal  painful and listing thoughts and beliefs and habits.


Reiki can help you open to your own power to love, support, and nurture yourself. This nourishment increases your reliance. When you love yourself you will give yourself the rest, pleasure, and play that nourish and sustain you. Rest, pleasure, and play fuel a liberated life.  

Reiki is one of the most popular energy healing modalities that sends the healing power of universal love to you. 

Think about a time you or someone else loved you. Truly loved you. That love, to whatever extent you let it in, was healing. 

Increasing your ability to love yourself and receive love from others will increase how nourished (ie. resilient) you are. 

Reiki can be thought of as intentionally going into a state of consciousness that you naturally slip in and out of during the day, for the purpose of healing. 

Anytime you get sleepy on a long boring road, as you wake up or fall asleep, or when you meditate you are shifting your brainwaves. 

With hypnotherapy, we simply go to this state intentionally, for healing. 


It is necessary while in darkness to know... that in oneself, waiting to be found, there is light  --James Baldwin--