It is time to come home to yourself.

Reiki is a tool for healing.


Healing is a process of building capacity; the capacity to be effective in life and experience the joy we crave. 

Like all healing tools, Reiki supports our right to let the past move through us, quickly. We have the power to carry the pain of the past into our future or to release it and lighten our load. 

Anti-oppression Reiki gives us the opportunity to heal the beliefs that we are too much and never enoughAfter years of being socialized to believe these lies, we feel fear and shame and we stifle ourselves to conform. This collection of beliefs, feelings, and self-policing actions is called internalized oppression. 


This internalized oppression limits our capacity to act in service of our values and commitments; to ourselves, others, the planet, equity, and justice. And, it stifles our experience of being alive. 

Anti-oppression Reiki is a surprisingly quick and gentle way to release these painful thoughts and feelings and inspire the confidence to act with more authenticity, joy, aliveness, and power. 

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Systems of oppression rely on our wounding.


Our wounds allow systems of oppression to wield us as weapons against ourselves and each other.

Therefore, it is imperative that we heal our own wounds (our internalized oppression) so we can act powerfully in the face of oppression; wherever it arises. 

If our liberation is bound up together, we must each heal ourselves for others to be free. 

Gain a deeper experience of liberation and freedom with Reiki Love sessions. 


Build personal sovereignty, self-love, self-care, healthy boundaries, and unflinching confidence. 

Release trauma stored in your body that perpetuates cycles of self-hatred, abandonment, and settling for less than you want. 


Release shame, guilt, fear, sadness, and unworthiness.


It's time.

For those who suffer from imposter syndrome, or negative self-talk, and want to feel vibrantly alive as their authentic selves. For those who want to feel comfortable saying no and asking for what they want. And those who forget or de-prioritize self-care.

These sessions are for those who want freedom from these symptoms. 


As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal someone else  --Maya Angelou--

Gain a deeper experience of ease and joy with Reiki Play sessions. 


Cultivate a relationship with your intuition or higher wisdom, joy, play, and creativity, and learn the connection between these qualities and greater ease and success. ​

Release the roots of workaholism, perfectionism, overwhelm, and the feeling that "life is hard" or you are "stuck" in situations and relationships. 

Release panic, pressure, stress, and judgment. 


Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Get support to free your mind. 

For those who want more joy, ease, and laughter in their day. For those who want to feel more alive and at-home in their lives and relationships. 


For those who grind, struggle, and feel alone. For those who work hard and cannot seem to slow down. For those who want something more than the grind. 

These sessions are for those who want freedom from these symptoms.  


It is necessary while in darkness to know... that in oneself, waiting to be found, there is light  --James Baldwin--

Gain a moment of deep rest. When we are called to deep rest it is wise to heed the call. Our future productivity depends on us being well enough to work at all.   

Let yourself be cared for and recharged so you can tend to the people and projects that matter most, including yourself.

Cultivate ease, calm, and the ability to responsibly rest. ​

Release burnout from workaholism and perfectionism; fatigue, and exhaustion. Release the compulsion to keep going, and the feeling that you cannot stop. 

Release exhaustion, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. 


It can feel vulnerable to slow down and be cared for.

Now is the time to learn. ​

For those who experience burnout. For those who feel intense pressure to save the world and care for everyone but themselves. For those who try to rest but anxiety and pressure pull them back to work. For those who know they must learn to rest and feel anxiety about what could happen if they don't 

These sessions are for those who want freedom from these symptoms.