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What is Reiki?

In short, Reiki helps release trauma stored in the body by removing blockages that cause emotional and physical pain.  

Reiki is a 2,500-year-old practice originating in Japan. The word “Reiki” comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” meaning life energy. This universal energy flows through the practitioner to the client and is directed by the client's subconscious, higher wisdom. In this way, consent is built into the nature of this practice. 

Reiki works similar to acupuncture, acupressure, or somatic therapies. They all heal by bringing movement into the system which supports the flow of energy in and around the body.


This movement helps us release trauma stored in the body as we expand out of our contracted state of trauma into a more expansive state of wellbeing. 

FUN FACT: Living beings emit electromagnetic charges or “energy.” Sharks use a sophisticated internal organ, the Ampullae de Lorenzini, to detect the electromagnetic signals of prey.

happens in a
Reiki Session?

Embodied Cotnributon offers 50-minute distance Reiki sessions over the phone or Zoom.


Clients are encouraged to create a soothing environment and tell others they will be unavailable for the duration of the session. Clients often choose calm lighting and soothing music. You can sit in a comfortable chair, on the couch, or lie down. 


Check out my Spotify playlists for my favorite music for each type of Reiki session. 

Depending on the type of session you choose, we may engage in conversation during the session or you may just relax quietly. Much like massage therapy, clients may feel deeply relaxed or fall asleep during sessions. The Reiki works no matter what. 

By the end of a session, clients most often report feeling calmer, lighter, and less tense.

Reiki work?

Because energy can travel quickly and easily across physical distances, it is easy to send Reiki to clients wherever they are.


FUN FACT: Light waves, radio waves, and all of the other electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light—about 300,000,000 meters per second.

During in-person sessions, practitioners place their hands on or near the body. In distance sessions, many practitioners use a photo of the client or another stand-in for the client’s physical body.

I create a unique drawing of the client's body using reiki symbols and intuited information.

How does it work?

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is the difference between
the 3 types of Reiki sessions?

I specialize in using Reiki to address 3 specific challenges; Internalized oppression, internalized scarcity, and chronic stress/ burnout. 


I use the same Reiki energy to address each challenge but I approach the sessions in different ways.

Reiki Love sessions build personal sovereignty by offering space for you to ask for and receive exactly what you want and need. Clients heal trauma stored in the body related to oppression by taking back their power. The power to ask for love and be open to receiving it.

Reiki Play sessions offer a space to break out of the limits of grind culture through playful co-creation. Clients direct my use of Reiki energy to create anything and everything they want. One client designed a full suit of Reiki armor to wear to their therapy sessions while processing trauma. 

Reiki Release sessions prioritize soothing, relaxation, and doing less. You can just let yourself be cared for in deep rest. When you're burned out, deep rest is the answer. 

do you have?

I am a certified Reiki Master and have 4 additional certifications in specialized forms of Reiki energy. 


I revamped the traditional, open-ended style of Reiki sessions to incorporate the power of 2 additional modalities. I bring my experience as a meditation teacher to Reiki Release sessions and my training as a Theater of the Oppressed (TO) facilitator to Reiki Play sessions. 


I sure do!

You can purchase a gift certificate for 4 sessions at a discounted rate. 

If your organization is purchasing sessions for multiple clients or staff, please email for rates.  

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