How it Works

The power of relationship, acceptance and curiosity

COVID -19: Inclusive Leadership coaching has always been an online process and will continue to be, during, and after the pandemic. Stay safe. 

Inclusive Leadership coaching is a relational process of growth and learning that uses the practice of antiracism as an entry point for greater clarity and inclusive leadership.  It can be hard to notice the racism lurking within us and others. But, wouldn't we be more effective antiracists and leaders of this work, if we had more patience? If we could stick with a difficult conversation longer or feel less distracted by our frustration? What if we could heal our own wounds around racism so completely, that we could patiently support any person on their own road to recovery?


We rarely, if ever,  accomplish anything challenging alone. The process of taking our anti-racism work to the next level requires going into dark places in ourselves and in humanity. If you're going into a dark alley, it's always wise to take a friend.  The strategies that work in our early years as antiracists become the barriers to overcome as we move deeper into the work. And this is not easy work.  We must let go of the fear and shame that were once our protectors from falling back into complacency. We must create a more sustainable antiracism practice built on liberation and love. This is not easy work. 

The power of relationship in Inclusive Leadership coaching comes from clients being offered a powerful space of compassion. Leanne uses her training as a mediation teacher and restorative justice facilitator to create space for deep reflection, acceptance, and grace. This creates a learning environment where clients can move far beyond where they have gone alone.  


Applicable: Trainings are customized to the needs and goals of each organization's decision-makers providing a training experience that is always relevant and applicable.  

Engaging: We believe leadership development can be fun as well as relevant, so we provide experiential, engaging trainings that captivate as well as educate. 

Usable: Decision-makers will internalize important information during the training, allowing them to put it to use immediately without looking up notes or remembering acronyms. In this age of information overload, more information is not always better. Inclusive Leadership trainings use depth and relevance to promote deeper understanding and integration. 

Let’s take your team to the next level!