Inclusive Leadership Trainings

Ensure that your leadership team is equipped with the skills and confidence to build trust across cultural and identity differences, retain diverse employees, and prevent organizational culture dysfunction before it has a chance to take root.

Inclusive Leadership Trainings create leaders who are respected by their diverse staff. This makes them highly effective in their roles because others are excited to follow their lead. Equip your managers to competently lead healthy and diverse teams that perform optimally, and make sure your C suite has the awareness to navigate complex situations with ease, avoiding costly or embarrassing mistakes stemming from a lack of multicultural awareness.

About the Process 


Inclusive Leadership Trainings are customized to the exact needs of each organization's managers and executives, reducing wasted time in meetings or trainings that are not tailored to your needs. 


In this age of information overload, more information is not always better. Our interactive and engaging trainings go deep, not just wide. Your leaders will internalize important information, allowing them to put it to use immediately after a training.

About the Approach

Inclusive Leadership Trainings equip your leaders to be Inclusive Leaders. Inclusive Leaders have a high level of capacity in these Core Four areas of leadership:

  1. Power How to skillfully leverage power; building trust, not resistance 

  2. Conflict resolution How to use conflict as a tool to unite and strengthen teams

  3. Awareness – How to avoid embarrassing and costly DEI pitfalls

  4. Communication How to listen powerfully and be heard


Inclusive Leadership Trainings build capacity in these areas through engaging, interactive activities that also build teamwork and trust.


Past Workshop Topics Have Included: 

  • Leading in a multicultural world 101

  • What nonprofit boards NEED to know

  • Understanding why your team isn’t more invested

  • Producing exciting results with your DEI subcommittee 

  • Powerful Communication in Challenging Times

Let’s take your team to the next level!

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