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What is an inclusive leader?

Inclusive leaders are leaders with the mindsets and skillsets to use justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion as strategies to stay safe and produce results in a world that socializes us all to use oppression (domination, control, and suppression) as strategies for our safety and success.

Inclusive leaders have the skill to balance the dynamic tension between Aliveness and structure in their organizations, and the boldness to co-create with an alive universe to produce unprecedented results for themselves, their organizations, their industries, and the world. 

Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion are not fixed goal posts to be reached. They are ever-evolving societal values.


Organizational leaders must continually reassess and pivot to ensure their organizations embody these values in alignment with the latest cultural/societal expectations and industry standards. Whether a leader is personally at the forefront of cultural shifts or not, professionally, today's leaders are tasked with skillfully leading equity adaptation efforts in their organizations.


Inclusive Leadership coaching equips, enables, and emboldens leaders with powerful Liberatory Strategies and Equity Thinking and Discernment Tools. These tools and strategies allow clients to think like equity experts and confidently adapt in an ever-changing world.

Inclusive Leadership coaching combines four powerful equity support services in an individualized learning pathway to build personal and organizational capacity. 

with the guts, skills, and willingness 

to leverage your privilege

for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) 

and solve organizational problems that baffle others

Equity Consulting

Leverage thought partnership with an equity expert to make decisions, revise policies, integrate equity goals into strategic plans, and re-design programs. All while learning how equity experts think to build personal capacity

you can leverage for the rest of your career.

Transformational Coaching

Receive powerful personal coaching to overcome all obstacles to success. Use these powerful tools to create the most impactful change, a paradigm shift. This paradigm shift equips you with powerful new mindsets, allowing you to see an abundance of new pathways to success.

Anti-Oppression Education 

Learn industry-standard frameworks and theories tailored to your role, responsibilities, goals, and knowledge gaps. Build cutting-edge skillets with our Liberatory Strategies and Equity Thinking and Discernment tools. This is the curated equity education today's leaders need to succeed.

Embodied Practices

Master time-tested tools to stay grounded and think clearly while out of your comfort zone. Take advantage of these practices and cultivate invaluable mindsets that expand your capacity to lead in uncertain times.

Become an equity-empowered leader. 

Inclusive Leadership coaching is perfect for

CEOs, EDs, Program Directors, Board Members, Managers, Leadership Teams

who want to infuse equity in their organizations for greater success

What Leaders Say

harold goldstein
"Leanne's work is what the world needs right now."

Harold Goldstein|Exec Dir|California Center for Public Health Advocacy

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