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(R)evolutionary leadership is how you win

We define (R)evolutionary leadership as the persistent application of liberatory strategies that leverage evolution to achieve leadership and organizational success through personal and organizational biomimicry. 

We live in revolutionary times. We see rapid social evolution at every level. What employees demand from a workplace has changed dramatically over the last year, 3 years, 5 years. The challenges leaders navigate today are radically different from those we faced 5 years ago. Life is evolving. We need to evolve to keep pace or become obsolete, irrelevant, or extinct. 

Humans and organizations are living systems. We can mimic the time-tested strategies nature uses to thrive. My unique personal and organizational biomimicry framework replaces guesswork and scarcity thinking.

My coaching method is designed for you to somatically and experimentally integrate the framework so you can think and act from equity and liberation in complex, changing, and intersectional circumstances. 

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What Black Leaders Are Saying

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[We] recommend Leanne's work and Liberatory Practices deck to anyone who is ready to move beyond racial equity work.

Giovianna Burrell | Founder | BIPOC Transformative Leadership Cohort

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