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18 Liberatory Practices bring the power of biomimicry to your organization, goals, and challenges.
Liberation in your pocket
Just like water in a stream finds the path of least resistance around rocks, you can smoothly navigate obstacles like budgets, conflicts, and injustice.   
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Biomimicry > Equity Work

Because we are nature,  we can observe nature to see if our personal and organizational strategies succeed in nature, or not. Oppressive practices like force, control, urgency, and perfectionism can bring short-term safety or success, but in the long term, mammals like humans function optionally when we are cooperative and creative, rather than parasitic and self-serving. 


Oppression teaches us to use parasitic, scarcity-based behaviors that fail long-term. 

We can learn to embrace our true nature personally, and we can apply biomimicry to our organizations, which are living systems. All living systems are governed by rules that protect, nourish, and balance the system. To break free from oppression personally, institutionally, and collectively, we must first free our minds from mental slavery.


We break free by learning to learn to think and act from the paradigm of nature, which I call, "Liberation." From this liberated state of mind, we design new policies, practices, and procedures that leverage the power of life to thrive. With organizational biomimicry, your organization becomes too healthy to fail. 

The 18 Liberatory Practices of  Liberated Being will remind you how to be free, help you heal the trauma of oppression so you can think from liberation, and enable you to succeed by embracing the nature that you are. 

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These programs come with a deck! 

Nourish yourself body, mind, and soul. What does wellbeing look like without the toxicity of weight-policing, fat phobia, workaholism, western beauty standards, gendered expectations, and capitalism? In this course, you will explore what wellbeing feels like in your own body. You will ask, "What feels good in my body" and learn to trust your body, no matter what. You will use my somatic liberation framework to learn how to discern the difference between your aliveness and your fear and trauma. When we grow up being traumatized by systems of oppression, fear starts to sound a lot like wisdom and we follow our fear, not our truth. But we can unlearn that sh!t.


Reclaiming ferality is how we reclaim our liberation. Our ferality unapologetically owns its power and trusts itself. Ferality does not have imposter syndrome or any fear of its power. Oppression functions by “breaking” living beings so we feel fear, and shame and stop fighting back. Books have been written on breaking horses, people assigned female, and enslaved people. We become "broken" when we give up our ferality; the part of us that says, "I will kill you before I let you take my freedom, or I will die trying."  In this program, you will learn my somatic liberation framework and 18 Liberatory Practices to unleash your Aliveness. You will define what ferality means to you and how you want freedom, wildness, and liberation to stalk into your life. Most importantly, you will take inspired action, with the support of our cohort, to rise up in your true, feral nature, and reclaim your f***ing life. 

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Abandon allyship. Become an accomplice.  This life-changing program offers white womxn who give a f*ck a powerful set of Liberatory Practices to target the root cause of ineffective allyship; internalized oppression. This internalized oppression can manifest as imposter syndrome, fear of our power, fear of not being "nice" accommodating, or passive. It can also manifest as allyship failure from being overly controlling, aggressive, and commanding to counterbalance being "nice." You will learn my somatic liberation framework that recalibrates your Internal Equity Compass to point toward liberation, not oppression, so you can see clearly what to do and which direction to go in any situation, no matter how complex or intersectional. Claim your boldness and power, for the liberation of all, including you. 

Need relevant, actionable equity training for your Staff, Board, Leadership Team, or Community Group?

Request a How To Apply The Practices Workshop.

Includes a deck for all participants

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