Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Rethink everything you know to produce unprecedented results 

Get customized, one on one support to overcome stress and confusion and build the leadership skills to accomplish any justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) goal. 

About The Process

Inclusive Leadership coaching builds capacity in the Core Four domains of Inclusive Leadership 

  1. Power – How to leverage power for equity, building trust not resistance

  2. Conflict Resolution – How to leverage conflict to unite and strengthen teams

  3. Social Awareness – Building JEDI knowledge to see what's really going on

  4. Personal Power – Building strength and confidence in who you are to succeed in work and life


This process is tailored to each individual and their identities, job responsibilities, and goals. 

About The Approach

Inclusive Leadership coaching reliably produces breakthrough results for clients using a time-tested learning pathway for leadership development. Over 12 sessions clients will create goals, increase clarity and confidence, build new skills, and overcome internal and external barriers to achieving their goals. 


Our proprietary coaching model builds capacity using four highly effective strategies. These strategies help clients produce breakthrough results during and after coaching. Strategies are used based on the needs of the client related to their coaching goals and job responsibilities.

Inclusive Leadership coaching can take the form of:

  • Inclusive Leadership Training – Learning exactly what you need to know about JEDI to lead your team and your organization in a multicultural world and/or apply what you already know more fully

  • Equity Consulting – Leveraging thought partnership with an expert to make decisions, revise policies, bring equity to strategic plans, or redesign programs

  • Transformational Coaching – Overcoming common barriers such as stress, guilt, or embarrassment while breaking through limiting beliefs about self and others in order to act boldly, with confidence. Read more about Transformational Coaching  

  • Embodied Practices – Familiarizing mind and body with powerful tools to stay grounded and think clearly in stressful situations. Once internalized, you can teach these skills to others, increasing overall resilience in your office. 



Benefits Seen by Clients 


  • Avoiding common and costly DEI pitfalls

  • Capitalizing quickly on new opportunities 

  • Innovating to produce breakthrough results

  • Increased teamwork, communication, and collaboration

  • Increased trust from staff, community partners, and stakeholders

  • Resolving cross-cultural tensions easily and early

Let’s take your skills to the next level!