Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Rapidly changing work environments require new tools for success in leadership and spaces to safely ask questions and practice new skills.

Get tailored support actualizing your vision of organizational equity with Inclusive Leadership Coaching designed for executives and managers. Innovate, build capacity, and actualize new results through one-on-one transformational coaching sessions led by a trusted expert. 

About The Process

Inclusive leaders have a high level of capacity in these Core Four areas of leadership. 

  1. Power – How to skillfully leverage it; building trust, not resistance 

  2. Conflict resolution – How to use conflict to unite and strengthen teams

  3. Awareness – How to avoid embarrassing and costly DEI pitfalls

  4. Communication – How to listen powerfully and be heard


Inclusive Leadership coaching is a relational process of building capacity in these Core Four areas, relative to job responsibilities. 

About The Approach

Individualized coaching packages are centered around a project, need, or goal. We begin immediately with client-led goal setting to lay a foundation for formulating actionable and strategic plans. 


Our proprietary coaching model builds capacity using four highly effective strategies. These strategies help clients produce breakthrough results during and after coaching. We use these strategies based on the needs of the client related to their coaching goal and job responsibilities.

  • Inclusive Leadership Training – What you need to know about DEI to lead your organization into a multicultural future or apply what you already know more fully

  • Equity Consulting – Thought partnership to make decisions, revise policies, bring equity to strategic plans, or redesign programs

  • Transformational Coaching – Overcoming common barriers such as stress, guilt, or embarrassment and limiting beliefs about self or others in order to act boldly, with confidence 

  • Practice – Gain facility with powerful communication tools to navigate sensitive conversations, share bold visions, and inspire buy-in and participation at all levels of the organization



Benefits & Results Seen by Our Clients 


  • Avoiding common and costly DEI pitfalls

  • Capitalizing quickly on new opportunities 

  • Innovating to produce breakthrough results

  • Increased teamwork, communication and collaboration

  • Increased trust from staff, community partners, and stakeholders

  • Resolving cross-cultural tensions easily and early

Let’s take your skills to the next level!

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