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Unleash Your


and uproot oppression in yourself,

your communities, and your world


My name is Leanne and I'm so excited to meet you! 


If you're here, it's likely because you care deeply about your

work and/or your staff. You are probably curious about the

quantum leaps in performance and wellbeing that equity work

can provide. It is also likely that someone referred you. It is my honor to have coached executives and equity directors across industries to unleash the power of equity work to transform organizational problems into innovative equity solutions.

Why do people rave about working with me? Well, it's not actually me! My exclusive Revolutionary Leadership through Liberated Being methodology - that you can't find anywhere else - turns hard, heavy equity work into enlivening team efforts that produce immediate results. Seriously, life  - and equity work - can be easier today. 

Choose Your Own Adventure 


for leaders & organizations


for your privileged & marginalized identities

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