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Get expert advice before you write an RFP

This is not a consultation to explore working with Leanne for equity consulting. The equity hiring strategy session is for decision-makers who have decided to hire an equity consultant or trainer and may be writing an RFP as part of that process. This session is designed to help leaders assess the organization's equity needs in order to solicit the right kind of help for their organization. Equity support is a rapidly evolving industry bursting with innovation.  You may not know about leading-edge equity supports that can be the difference between your equity work making an impact or falling flat. 

The equity hiring strategy session provides personalized insights and recommendations from an equity expert about the types of equity consulting/support that will best serve your organization at its current level of development. The hiring consultation may provide curated recommendations of equity service providers, when available. 


An equity hiring strategy session is a crucial first step to maximize your investment in equity work.  





  • Write a developmentally appropriate RFP to maximize your investment 

  • Solicit the right kind of support to target areas primed for growth

  • Interview more candidates who will be of maximum benefit to your organization 


Get more impact for your money.

Learn how an equity hiring strategy session can help your organization.

Did you know...

that many organizations write RFP’s requesting services that are misaligned with their organizations' needs, challenges, and goals? It happens more than you’d think. 

This is because most organizations do not have an equity expert to assess what stage of equity development their organization is at and what services are most advantageous. Organizations may not realize that their RFPs lock in the types of services they think they need before an expert has assessed what they actually need. For this reason, many organizations will hire a consultant that cannot contractually pivot toward relevant, actionable equity support. Or, worse still, many organizations will hire a consultant who cannot provide the type of equity support they need to accomplish their goals, wasting time, effort, money, and damaging morale.


Organizations may blame the consultant, resistant staff members, or a meager budget to explain why their equity work lacked impact. But in reality, the problems started with the RFP. Even an organization with a small budget or resistant stakeholders can achieve a big impact with the right plan. 


Let me help you make the most out of your investment in equity work.

What Leaders Say

harold goldstein
"Leanne's work is what the world needs right now."

Harold Goldstein|Exec Dir|California Center for Public Health Advocacy

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