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You are nature. The trauma of oppression made you pretend you are not alive. You will instantly be more joyful, balanced, and rooted in power when you reclaim your aliveness. 

Anti-Oppression Education 

Learn an illuminating new approach to dismantling oppression that combines equity frameworks with leading-edge methods of healing personal and intergenerational trauma. It will blow your mind and free your heart.

Transformational Coaching

Identify and overcome the root causes of your problems by expanding your worldview to see new pathways to success.

Discover new possibilities for yourself and your communities that were always present, but unseen 

Anti-Oppression Healing

Heal the wounds of your privileged and marginalized identities and feel at home in yourself like never before. Experience gentle and impactful ways to heal imposter syndrome, negative self-talk, shame, self-doubt, and more.  

Embodied Practices

Master powerful tools to stay grounded and clear-headed despite the discomfort of equity work and life. These ancient tools are experiencing modern revivals as scientists document their effectiveness and power. 

All small-group learning cohorts
people max
2 hr-sessions

via Zoom or in-person
$300 - $500
sliding scale

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30 page
workbook &
Aliveness Toolkit
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Nourish yourself body, mind, and soul. What does wellbeing look like without the toxicity of weight-policing, fat phobia, workaholism, western beauty standards, gendered expectations, and capitalism? In this course, you will explore what wellbeing feels like in your own body. You will ask, "What feels good in my body" and learn to trust your body, no matter what. You will use my somatic liberation framework to learn how to discern the difference between your aliveness and your fear and trauma. When we grow up being traumatized by systems of oppression, fear starts to sound a lot like wisdom and we follow our fear, not our truth. But we can unlearn that sh!t.


I healed my imposter syndrome and you can too. I did it in one year using three techniques that I am excited to share with you in 2024; Shadow Work, reclaiming ferality, and healing with altered states of consciousness. Our beliefs and habits are housed in our subconscious mind, not our conscious mind. Hypnosis is a gentle and relaxing way to connect to our subconscious and go straight to the root of painful beliefs and habits that no longer serve us. These guided hypnosis meditations are a relaxing way to heal imposter syndrome at home, at your own pace. 

imposter 30.png

Healing is more effective when we employ a diversity of tactics. This 30-day text challenge includes a daily text with a proven effective Power Action that will embolden you to dismantle the internalized oppression we call “imposter syndrome.” You also receive daily reiki transmission using two turbo-charged reiki energies that target the self-doubt, insecurity, and fear of our power that characterizes internalized oppression. Plus you receive 6 guided-hypnosis meditations that go straight to the roots of your painful beliefs and habits. These audio files are yours to keep and use as often as you want after the program. 

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Reclaim your brilliance and magnificence to embody confidence and true humility. Shadow Work is a phrase we use to talk about any practice where we reclaim and reintegrate parts of ourselves we have disconnected from. With shadow work we we reclaim our darkness; boundaries, anger, ego, etc., so our darkness is under our control and used for the highest good of all. Golden shadow work is where we reclaim our light; our tender, brilliant, shiny self who just wants to share our gifts with the world. When we reclaim our light and our darkness, we become unshakable. 


Reclaiming ferality is how we overcome oppression. Our ferality unapologetically owns its power and trusts itself. Ferality does not have imposter syndrome or any fear of its power. Oppression functions by “breaking” living beings so we feel fear, and shame and stop fighting back. Books have been written on breaking horses, women, and enslaved people. We become "broken" when we give up our ferality; the part of us that says,  "Hell no!"  to being oppressed and fights back with confidence and claity. In this program, you will learn my somatic liberation framework and 18 Liberatory Practices to unleash your Aliveness. You will define what ferality means to you and how you want freedom, wildness, and liberation to stalk into your life. Most importantly, you will take inspired action, with the support of our cohort, to rise up in your true, feral nature, and reclaim your f***ing life.  

WMAF 1.png

Abandon allyship. Become an accomplice.  This life-changing program offers white womxn who give a f*ck a powerful set of Liberatory Practices to target the root cause of ineffective allyship, internalized oppression. This internalized oppression can manifest as imposter syndrome, fear of our power, fear of not being "nice" accommodating, or passive. Or it can manifest as burnout or failure from being overly controlling, aggressive, and commanding to counterbalance. You will learn my somatic liberation framework that recalibrates your Internal Equity Compass to point toward liberation, not oppression, so you can see clearly what to do and which direction to go in any situation, no matter how complex or intersectional. Claim your boldness and power, for the liberation of all, including you. 

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