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Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Innovate, build capacity, and actualize new results through transformational coaching sessions led by a trusted expert.

Inclusive Leadership Trainings

Train and empower managers and executives to lead with confidence and awareness in a multicultural workplace and world, nurture staff engagement, and anticipate and overcome cross-cultural challenges.

Equity Consulting

Support your team to preempt or address organizational challenges by examining, reimagining, and reshaping equitable policies despite realistic constraints.



What does it mean to make an embodied contribution?

As leaders, we imagine making an impact on the world.

However, our imagined contribution stagnates in a well-intentioned space if we don’t complete actionable and equitable plans for change. 


When we make a positive impact in the real world, leveraging our bodies, resources, and job titles, we move our imagined contributions into Embodied Contributions.

 At Embodied Contribution Consulting, we equip and embolden you to embody the change you want to see in your organization and the world.

Meet Leanne

Grounded in a transformational coaching model and offering more than a decade of expertise facilitating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) workshops, Leanne believes everyone can have a positive impact in their organization. She has been helping clients produce real and exciting results in DEI work through individualized coaching for the last seven years. While this work is deep and meaningful, Leanne also believes it can be rewarding and fun.

Trusted by a Broad Spectrum of Organizations 

Berkeley Public Schools
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Senior Support Services
Transgender Center of the Rockies
Denver Kids Inc.
Chinook Fund

With coaching, I feel more confident about what I can bring to my team and my organization. I’m proud to be leading innovative equity work and moving my organization past where we've gone before.

Jess Soulis | Program Manager | GoFarm

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