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An Program to Build the Ferocity to Claim Liberation 



QTBIPOC folx with previous anti-oppression training who want to unleash their aliveness, escape oppression, and lead others to liberation. White/straight folx email to request a group.


In This Learning Cohort You Will


  • LEARN why ferality is a quality you must reclaim to escape oppression

  • CREATE what ferality can look like in your life and how ferality can help you heal imposter syndrome and other self-abandonment practices 

  • DEEPEN your capacity to use the 18 liberatory practices of Liberated Being including Dignity, Aliveness, and Honesty to free yourself from oppression

  • EMBOLDEN your privileged identities to be accomplices to your margnilized identities

  • BEGIN HEALING imposter syndrome, urgency, perfectionism, saviorism, and numbing/binging behaviors



Because systems of oppression rely on our wounding. Our wounds allow systems of oppression to wield us as weapons against ourselves and each other. Therefore, it is imperative that we heal our own wounds (i.e. our internalized oppression) so we can act powerfully in the face of oppression; wherever it arises. Your feral self is wounded and must be healed for all of life to be free.


I reclaim my ferality and my freedom. I will kill you before I let you take my freedom, or I will die trying and return to greater freedom.

Feral Rising

  • An 8-week practice group in person, location TBD


    Schedule a free consultation if you have not worked with Leanne before

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