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The Practice of Liberated Being and Radical Aliveness for liberated wellbeing



For QTBIPOC folx with previous anti-oppression training who want more rest, pleasure, freedom, and ease. This course will offer bold strategies to honor and care for yourself and to become an unapologetic example of wellbeing that others can follow.


An Introductory Practice Group To


  • LEARN the 18 Liberatory Practices of the Liberated Being somatic liberation framwork and and how they can help you cultivate wellbeing mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually/energetically. 


  • DEEPEN your capacity to use liberatory practices like Dignity, Aliveness, and Honesty to disrupt dis-ease


  • EMBOLDEN your privileged identities to become accomplices to your margnialized identities so you can nourish your aliveness 




Systems of oppression train us to hate and fear ourselves in order to exhaust and control us. Our self-hatred and dis-ease allow systems of oppression to wield us as weapons against ourselves and each other. Therefore, it is imperative that we heal our fear of our power, and our fear of rest so we can live the bold, beautiful lives we want, no matter what anyone else chooses to do. 


I am a thriving and balanced ecosystem. I am life. I am alive. 

Nourished Being

  • An 8-week practice group over Zoom


    Schedule a free consultation if you have not worked with Leanne before

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